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Annual Events

  • Early in the year, parents come to meet their child's teacher and receive extremely valuable information regarding expectations for the current school year.

  • The Move-a-thon is sponsored by Cali Calmécac PTA and is a fun way for students and their families to show their school pride and come together as a community. This special event educates students about the importance of fitness and health while providing an annual source of funds for school projects and programs that directly benefit our students’ experience at Cali Calmécac. It is our major annual fundraiser. Students who participate in the event receive a free, uniform approved Move-a-thon t-shirt designed by a fellow student during the spring t-shirt design contest. All Cali students and their families are encouraged to participate in this wonderful school event!

  • Parents and family of Cali Calmécac graduates come to celebrate the culmination of their students' 9 years of excellence in bilingual education.

  • On the 100th day of school, Kindergarten students of Cali Calmécac gather to celebrate the joy of math and counting with many fun activities related to the number 100 for them to enjoy.

  • Starting in 1987 and moving to the Luther Burbank Center in 1994, the Spring Festival is an annual event in which students in grades 1-4 perform dances from different regions around the world.

  • In the Spring, parents of Cali Calmécac are invited to come to their child's classroom to look at their students' academic accomplishments from the school year. During Open House, our library holds a Book Fair, its annual Spring Fundraiser.

  • During the week of Open House, the Cali Calmécac library holds an annual fundraiser. All proceeds go towards purchasing new books for the library. There are opportunities to purchase books, during the week at school, as well as during the evening event.