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Partnership Pledge


Cali Calmécac Language Academy Partnership Pledge for Shared Responsibility for Student Success

Welcome to Cali Calmécac Language Academy. We are committed to the academic success of all students in both Spanish and English. This requires that student, parent and school staff work together as a team. The following guidelines represent one part of a comprehensive plan to ensure success in our unique educational program.

A. Set high academic expectations which will engage all students in preparation for college success.
B. Provide effective leadership that will enhance student achievement.
C. Engage parents in the learning process to ensure success for each student.
D. Ensure that the California Content standards are taught in English and Spanish.
E. Provide high quality professional development and support teachers
F. Provide a safe, positive and healthy school environment for students and staff.
G. Provide high quality materials to engage students and promote achievement.
H. Share information about program model, goals, and achievement levels with parents.

A. Adhere to the Two-Way Bilingual Immersion model and commit to the rigorous goals of the model.
B. Collaborate with colleagues to plan and implement instruction.
C. Prepare and deliver standards-based lessons which consistently challenge student learning and achievement.
D. Implement ongoing assessment to monitor student progress and improve instruction.
E. Work with parents as partners and communicate regularly about learning goals and student progress.
F. Communicate regularly with students about learning goals and student progress.
G. Participate actively in professional development, and continue independent learning and professional growth.
H. Continue to develop personal biliteracy skills to the highest extent possible.

A. Commit to the nine year program in order for the student to realize goals for academic success and develop high levels of bilingualism, bi-literacy and cross-cultural competence.
B. Support the school and regularly communicate the importance of realizing all educational goals with your student
C. Actively engage in 12 hours of volunteer participation in their child’s education per year.
D. Cooperate with teachers through ensuring completion of required home reading in Spanish and English.
E. Cooperate with teachers through ensuring completion of all required homework.
F. Send your child to school in uniform every day except designated free dress days.
G. Support the school-wide discipline plan and actively participate in the discipline of your child.
H. Ensure that your child gets adequate sleep, a healthy diet and arrives at school on time.

STUDENTS WILL be respectful, responsible, and safe:
A. Accept the challenge to work at high levels in all academic subject areas.
B. Take responsibility for own learning by actively participating in class.
C. Participate actively in language development in both languages to become fully bilingual.
D. Commit to the goal of biliteracy and read independently in Spanish and English.
E. Faithfully complete all assignments and homework.
F. Arrive to classes on time each day.
G. Behave respectfully and adhere to the school uniform policy.
H. Take pride in your school and treat school property with respect.