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For Absences, please call or text

 (707) 620-1731 

We recommend saving this phone number in your contacts. Suggestions:

Save as “CCLA Attendance” “Cali Absence” or as you’d like. 

You can also email your student’s absences, doctors, or densits notes at

Suggestion: Add it in the same contact from above. 

  • Here is a  Link to the Windsor Unified School District Absences Frequently Asked Questions 



    • A contract must be filled out in person in the Main Office 
    • The contract must be signed two weeks (10 school days) PRIOR to the date your student will be out. 
    • The maximum amount of days a student can be on Independed Study is 15 days.
    • If the student does not complete the assigned work, it will affect their grade and attendance.
    • No Independent Study is granted in the first month of the school year or in the month of May.