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Volunteer Opportunities


Ongoing Needs (drop in any time)
Come by the teacher workroom to see what projects we have such as copy jobs,
and other cutting and prepping tasks. (Please ask for help before using unfamiliar equipment.)

  • Garden Help - Afternoon weeding? Can you water one day a week?

  • Photocopying for Teachers - Teachers will leave copy projects in Room 43 for volunteers

  • Count and distribute flyers in teacher boxes when needed

  • Uniform Lost & Found - Help us wash and hang the clothes that are found around campus.

There are always projects to work on! Hot coffee is made at 8am and all are welcome to have some, even if you’re just coming by to say hello.

If you have any questions please contact the Cali office at (707) 837-7747
Please remember to always sign in at the main office when visiting or volunteering at school. This is for safety purposes. The administration needs to know who is on campus at all times. Thank you!