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District Calendar 2020-21  Please note the 2020-21 calendar accounts for "Emergency Weather Days" to follow Spring Break. As of January 2021, the calendar reflects that we will begin classes on March 31st after Spring Break.

    • The "Emergency Weather Days" have been built in to the schedule to account for the possibility of school closures.
    • If there is a need to close school during the year, however, we will come back to school early by the number of days we had to close. For example, if we have to close for one day, we will come back to school on March 30.
    • PLEASE DON'T PLAN VACATION TIME for the Emergency Weather Week! We won't know whether those days are truly days off until on or about March 12, 2021. 
    • If there is no need for emergency closures next year, those days will remain as "non-school days."

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