Cali PE Uniform Policy
Cali middle school students wear uniforms for PE class. One cotton Cali PE t-shirt will be provided to each incoming 6th grader. Students will be required to wear either the Cali PE t-shirt or wear a plain forest green t-shirt (green Move-a-thon shirt also acceptable) and solid black polyester shorts with no white or colored side striping and without pockets.

If students wish to wear a sweatshirt and/or sweatpants, the following applies: sweatshirts must follow the school uniform policy (black, white, grey or forest green) and sweatpants must be grey or black with a drawstring or elastic waist. Students must wear a PE uniform approved t-shirt underneath their sweatshirt. If a student forgets his/her uniform, he/she will be required to borrow a set for class. Any questions, please contact Kristine Behrens at

You may purchase this anywhere you would like, but if you would like to support Cali PE and athletics, you may also purchase PE spiritwear through 2nd Wind Printing with the attached order form or through the website Thank you!

Orders will be handed out at Middle School Orientation in August before school starts.